The Best is saved for last….Micah and Emma’s last dance

It is with a joyful heart that I release Micah, The Fierce Fights for Emma, The Brave.  It has truly been a labor of love…these characters have taken me to depths that have surprised and wowed me.  From dancing in her underwear to standing up for herself, we have seen Emma grow and be empowered by her experiences with Micah.  He, on the other hand, has opened up to a whole new emotional, techno-color world that has scared and wowed him.  This is their last story…for now.  I want to explore some other worlds  I will be putting together the entire series into one book soon.  That is my summer project.  For now, enjoy this excerpt from Micah, The Fierce Fights For Emma, The Brave.

Told from Emma’s perspective.  This is the first scene in Micah, The Fierce Fights For Emma, The Brave


When I arrived at the ESPY’s, I had hoped to be entertained, meet a few famous people and then be on my merry way back to Baltimore. Nice and simple…right?

Yep…until Micah went live with his feelings.

I had been minding my own business and enjoying my evening when he came out on stage. As usual, Micah exuded a primal hotness that made every woman in the auditorium ache to tear his clothes off. So damn sexy, that boy.

I would never get used to the way he made me feel when he walked into a room. It was a mixture of raw lust and sweet tenderness that always made me want to throw my arms around him.

I tried to feign disinterest as he commanded the attention of the auditorium. I picked at my pink nail polish as he rattled off the usual set of obligations, thanking the Baltimore organization and the fans.

He sounded like every other athlete that accepted an award that night—safe and conventional. Little did I know, that would be the last normal thing he would say.

He finished his speech in record time, but didn’t leave the stage. He stayed quiet for a long minute, obviously contemplating his next words.

The stale air crackled with a different kind of energy. An electric, pulsing intensity filled the theater, sending shockwaves through the crowd.

Micah was going rogue. I could feel it.

Things got more intriguing as he pulled a purple cloth out of his jacket pocket and tied it around his bicep. I watched, riveted, as the material fell softly against his massive upper arm.

It took me another second to recognize the purple silk as the blouse I had sneaked into his luggage. I had totally forgotten about that. Funny, that he should have something of mine wrapped around his arm.

Oh My God.

This was about me.

I became lightheaded as I realized that my world was going to be turned upside down by whatever Micah wanted to say.

The atmosphere sizzled with excitement, and goose bumps spread like wild fire down my arms and across my chest. My tummy flipped-flopped insistently as anticipation ran headily through my blood.

My gut clenched again as I saw him search the crowd. Holy mother of all that was brave…what was he up to?

His eyes locked on mine as I held perfectly still. His passionate gaze told me that he was taking a risk and daring himself to step into the unknown world of vulnerability.

An immediate connection unfurled between us; one that gripped me by the heart and wouldn’t let go. I held my breath, waiting for him to speak.

He started to explain that he had been fighting hard against the wrong thing.

Yes, and it had damn near broken me. It hadn’t been easy to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart and put myself back together again. But, I had survived it all and now I was on the precipice of a magnificent moment.

Wow me, Micah….Give me your best shot.

He did not disappoint.

He continued to talk and said I was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Whoa. You had me at hello.

Then, it got better. Much better. Gloriously better.

Micah uttered those three magical words I longed to hear—I love you.

Gasp. Sputter. Sputter.

My ears rang…did he just say he loved me?


Wildly and completely, he said.

Holy Crap!!


Those words banged around my heart like a pinball machine gone mad. My stunned brain took a minute to process that information and then…


I got it.

Micah loved me!…Micah loved me!

Gasps of air escaped my throat as my chest heaved in euphoria.

Oh, happy day…Oooh happy day!

The chorus of the old hymn played out in soul-choir fashion in my head as I locked onto the feelings flowing through me.



I burst into tears, wells of emotion running through me. A sweet, heady balm flowed through my insides, releasing lovely sparks of life, igniting every last drop of hope I possessed in long forgotten places, like the depths of my soul.

I had yearned, panted and endured heartbreak to get to a moment like this. But no fantasy could compare to the amazing reality of Micah professing his love.

The heavens continued to open and manna flowed forth as he poured out the feelings I had longed to hear. …Phrases like fight for me and ready to breathe underwater rolled off his tongue, his face bright with passion and dare I say it…LOVE.  

God…could it get any better?

I melted into my seat as ooey-gooey, punch drunk feelings of mad joy coursed through my body. Wonder filled me as I savored the giddiness transforming my soul. It was like waking up on Christmas morning and finding the best gift ever waiting for me under the tree.

What an incredible sight it was to watch Micah pour his heart out. It was so courageous of him to take that leap of faith and declare his love for me on live television.

Exhilaration coursed through my body as my mind warned me to be cautious. I glanced over and watched Bill’s pensive face absorb my emotional, tearful reaction. I instantly sobered, a harsh truth hitting me in the face.

Was I really willing to throw away what I was starting with Bill for the possibility that Micah may follow through with his powerful words? What exactly happened after this moment?

Confusion flooded me, drowning out my joy. Micah had finally given me the words I had longed to hear from him, and yet, I still had doubts.

What was really going on here? What did this mean? If I gave Micah what he wanted, would he still be around when we hit our first bump in the road?

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