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Once upon a time, there was a young woman who bought into everything that was said and preached to her…..that a woman should be modest, virtuous and holy…..she clung to her virtue, pure and true, fighting off the demons of temptation and pleasure.  She believed that one day a magic switch would be turned on inside of her, giving her permission to be sexual and sensual.

She had denied this part of her existence for a long time, but she hoped when that special time came, those desires would behave and come in line with everything she believed.  She prayed, fasted and loved God with all her heart.

But a new desire began to grow through the concrete of her heart, one that grew no matter what she did.   It pushed through her set beliefs, her religion, her self-hate and began to bloom….this tendril of desire was one of longing for freedom and the need to be herself…these seeds grew deep roots within her rigid heart, taking hold of her until she cried out and begged for more…

A garden was waiting to push through the desert of her heart, to bloom in lush sensuality, where her true self would be discovered, if only she could hold on with a tenacity that she didn’t know she had.

Therein lies the crux of the story, would our heroine let a beautiful garden take over her life?…Would she trade in the rules and moral high ground to find her own path?

She found herself on many points of her trail, wishing she had never started.  She ran into dragons, fear, stupid boys and the confines of an ivory tower. She fell many times, her soul covered in misery and sorrow, her body battered and bruised, but still, she persevered……

The garden had begun to take hold, spreading in wild fashion, gripping and transforming this woman into someone that scared and fascinated her….she learned to celebrate in a moment, surrender to her sensuality and embrace her depraved self.

Oh, our heroine did writhe, moan and surrender to the inevitable of the garden, the lushness of life and the odyssey of the Virgin Whore.  Gasp, Gasp, sputter, sputter….oh, yes, my friends this is a confessional of how I became everything I was told to fear and embraced my rightful destiny