Sexy Alpha Beau Shepard breaks it down…

Sexy Alpha Beau Shepard breaks it down...After writing my little tushy off, I am happy to announce Forever Beloved, the exciting conclusion to Forever Branded is here! It is a beautiful story of redemption and second chance love jammed pack with heart, humor and heat…three of my favorite things.  Check out this excerpt, told from Beau’s perspective.


I stopped by Scorch to check on things as they started to heat up.

Sitting on my usual couch, I took in the pretty scenery. Lots of beauties were getting down on the dance floor as the crowd started to thicken. Scanning the masses, I noticed a woman shaking her hips back and forth, as she got lost in the sensuality of the music. I watched her for a second, drawn in by the erotic, graceful way she moved.

What a hot ass.


Round as fuck.


I knew that grade A ass.

My Marla radar went off as I recognized her gorgeous body.

I hadn’t lost my ability to track her.

I could sniff her out anywhere.

Her beautiful curves were one of a kind, beckoning men from miles around.

I went on high alert as she glided across the dance floor, soaking up the rhythms of some Rihanna song. My cock tightened against my pants as my mind swam with dirty filthy thoughts.

I had always been so hard for her.

So goddamn hard.

I wanted to grab her hair, pull her close, and ride her until she came undone on my dick. Fuck, I needed to bury myself inside her.

Mesmerized, I watched her shake her curvaceous hips over and over.

But I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Marla was attracting male attention right and left as they swarmed around her like a pack of wolves. One young punk approached her and she ushered him forward, swaying her hips as he stuck his leg between hers.

Son of a bitch, she was letting him grind all up in her business. I bolted up from my seat as rage blasted through me.

I wasn’t okay with another man touching her.

Marla was mine.

Always had been.

Always would be.

Her name coursed through my veins, like a junkie experiencing his first high. Anger rocked through my chest, moving up to the base of my brain, igniting a Neanderthal instinct to protect what was mine.

As I moved toward them, things became ten times worse as the douche bag claimed her lips in an obnoxious kiss while his hands found her luscious ass and squeezed, pulling her tight to his crotch.

That wasn’t going to fly with me. But before I got to them, Marla hauled off and slapped him.

Thatta girl.

Furious, the guy grabbed her wrist and tried to haul her away.

Na-uh. Not happening.

Marla tried to pull her wrist away from her would-be admirer as I arrived on the dance floor.

I stepped in front of the guy, getting in his face. “Whoa, buddy. Hands off,” I growled, trying to control my temper.

“I was here first,” he barked, as if in some universe he could claim her.

I stared hard at the young punk. “Let go of her. I’m only going to ask once,” I snarled, ready for battle.

I took a menacing step forward, which made the guy flinch. He was all bark and no bite as he released Marla. I chased him off with another confrontational step and he high-tailed it to the bar, like a scared little puppy.

“Thank you, Beau,” Marla offered, staring at me with relief in her doe eyes.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” I snapped, mad she was even there.

That asshole needed to be thrown out. I signaled to one of the bouncers, pointing at the guy. He would be banished for good.

Then, I turned my full attention to Marla, who looked too sexy in a tight pink dress, which showed off her hot body.

“I can’t have you here, looking like this, acting like that!” I pointed toward her dress and then the dance floor.

Her brown eyes went wide with shock. “What? You don’t get to tell me where I can go.”

“I can kick you out of here!”

“Fine! I’ll go somewhere else.” She turned to walk away from me.

“Oh no, you won’t!” I said, picking her up in a fireman’s hold and slinging her over my shoulder with one hand.

“Put me down!” she demanded, as her legs flailed out in front of me.

I had always loved her curvy calves and I ran my hand along her soft skin as she struggled.

“No! I’m not putting you down!” I yelled, carrying her toward the office in the back.

I weaved my way through the thickening crowd as Marla continued to struggle against me. I made it down the hall, away from prying eyes. Once we were inside the office, I shut the door and put her down.

“Where are we?” she questioned sharply.

“My office.”

“Why do you have an office at Scorch?” she asked, glancing around at the dark green walls with wooden panels running along the bottom third of the paint.

“Because I own the damn club.”

“Is there anything you don’t own?” she shot back.

“Yeah, you.”

She shook her head. “That’s not happening, Beau. You will never own me. I can’t be bought.”

“So you’ve made known. But I will not have the mother of my child dancing like that in public.”

“Charlie’s not six, anymore,” she countered.

It didn’t matter. “I didn’t get to do this when he was six, so I’m doing it now.”

She narrowed her furious gaze at me. “That doesn’t even make sense. You’re acting like I was some kind of neglectful mother, who went out and partied all the time and I wasn’t!”

“How would I know that? You could have been fucking any Tom, Dick, or Harry walking around for all I know.”

“Like you, then?” she zinged back. “I bet you don’t even know how many women you fucked in the last twenty years.”

Same old fire.

Giving as good as she got.

God, she made me hot.

“You’re probably right, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you need to be fucked good.”

She gasped as I bent down and claimed her mouth passionately. She fought me for a second, but there was no use denying our chemistry. I took possession of her beautiful lips as she gave in willingly. She melted against me as my tongue played with hers and I fucked her sweet, lush mouth.

She moaned in her throat, thirsting for more as I held her close. Sucking her bottom lip into my mouth, I slowed things down. I wanted to extract every last morsel of pleasure out of her.

Panting, she pulled back, her glance soft. “Do you remember how good it was between us?” she asked, her doe eyes filling with a vulnerability I didn’t want to acknowledge.

I wasn’t about to confess I remembered every moment I spent with her. “You know…it’s a blur. We happened a long time ago.”

“Then what do you remember?” she asked, as I ran my hand down her side.

“How good the sex was,” I murmured hotly against her ear before turning her around, so her backside was against my body.

Her hands clutched at my thighs, wanting what I was offering. I pushed her up against the door, lining my swollen cock up with her ass.

“Do you remember that?”

“Yes,” she gasped as she arched her back, shooting her bottom into me.

We both groaned as I went from hard to steel in an instant. My blood roared with the need to take her with the same intensity I had in high school.

I sniffed her hair, lime and coconut this time. “Why can’t I let you go?” I breathed against her ear.

The release date is July 18th, 2015 or pre-order now while the price is .99cents!

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